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Algae World focuses on algae, especially the organisms and topics that we have selected for special attention during research and teaching programmes in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

We also include some pages on other topics, such as microscopical techniques and fine art, and  we will add other material in due course, including photographs of UK habitats and terrestrial vegetation that may be helpful to those giving lectures on higher plant ecology and the history of British vegetation. The website is currently under active development, after a long period in the doldrums. We would be glad to hear your comments as we add new material.

The searchfacility looks through three sites: Algae World, DIADIST and ADIAC, as well as other pages hosted by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Please adjust your browser to give a type size suitable for you. We have designed these pages to be viewed using recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. On our screens, the 'normal' text size setting in Mozilla Firefox gives good results, but in Internet Explorer you may need to change to the 'smaller' option'. We suggest you turn off the 'Favourites' bar. The pages employ CSS formatting. 

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Gracias al interés de un grupo de planctólogos mexicanos, en mayo de 1985, se efectuó en Mazatlán el 1er. Coloquio de Plancton y Fertilidad de las Aguas, coordinado por el M. en C. Roberto Cortés Altamirano.

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