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DIADIST The aim of this project is to investigate methods to enable the visual indexing of images and drawings of biological specimens held in a database.

Biological specimens are frequently described in visual form for taxonomic and other purposes. Vast catalogues of specimen material have been accumulated over many years in the form of microscope slides, drawings and photographs. Recently, efforts have been made to digitize such data for electronic storage and transmission. This research programme will provide a means to structure taxonomic databases to enable this data to be more effectively queried. The approach taken in the DIADIST project is novel in that it seeks to incorporate taxonomic drawings as a prime source of taxonomic data and to develop methods to enable indexing between digital photographic images and drawings stored in a biological database.

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Gracias al interés de un grupo de planctólogos mexicanos, en mayo de 1985, se efectuó en Mazatlán el 1er. Coloquio de Plancton y Fertilidad de las Aguas, coordinado por el M. en C. Roberto Cortés Altamirano.

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